Experience 43: PLANT, the first solo exhibition of German based artist Amely Spoetzl, invited visitors to peek inside the artist studio and experience the ephemeral nature of plants. Since childhood, Spoetzl has played with, and been intrigued by, plants and structures found in nature. In her public interventions, the outline of a plane leaf becomes a silver live drawing on the side of a building in El Segundo (Phytomagnetic, 2014) and strategically placed acrylic boxes filled with flowers on L.A.’s Westside inspire spontaneous actions and reactions by passerby (Just a Moment, Please, 2009). For her sculptures and drawings, Spoetzl often incorporates dried flowers and plants, creating geometric artworks that replicate number sequences and repetitive systems. On view for PLANT were 20 artworks that Spoetzl has documented and created as part of her evolving study of nature, including but not limited to photographs, drawings, and sculptures. Her latest work, Evolution was reveled for the first time as part of the Experience. Additionally, PLANT included an interactive artwork, Thicket, where visitors could actively contribute to its formation using drawing tools created by Spoetzl. Also on view were photographs of Spoetzl’s artworks created in collaboration with photographer Bernd Zoellner.