Experience 45: STARDUST explores the different pathways of thinking. Art is a state of mind. Artworks are able to prime and inspire your brain activity. They can wake you up, where intuition has put you to sleep. Through STARDUST the visitor will experience the underlying laws of creative thinking. STARDUST is a backstage pass to the world of artistic stimulation and a showcase of the power of an artist collective. The ESMoA Experience Award recipient for STARDUST is Rachel Reid, a Los Angeles based artist, transforming stardust into a sequence of ceramic variations. Rachel Reid is an artist and master printer. She received her BFA in sculpture from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Heavily influenced by the simplicity of form and color, Rachel navigates both 2D and 3D media, most extensively in lithography as well as stoneware ceramics. Artists Bernhard Zuenkler with freeters Peter Dreher | Jean-Honoré Fragonard | Cornelia Funke | Taka Kagitomi | Martin Kippenberger | Piet Mondrian | Egon Schiele | Michael Sistig | Amely Spoetzl and more