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Oana and Cosmin Nasui

Minorities in visual culture – focus Romania

20/08/2016 - 04/10/2016

The research exhibition ”Minorities in visual culture – focus Romania” is constructed by a team of curators and researchers and will be for the first time exhibited in Brussels, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute Bucharest. The exhibition and research project will travel to other locations in Romania and EU in the following years.

The exhibition and research project ”Minorities in visual culture – focus Romania” develops in thematic topics and subthemes, some of them ideological views transformed in clichés: ”Exotic – major marginal element”, ”Minorities represented in major arts”, ”Inclusion through cosmopolitism and revolution”, ”Discrimination and polarization”.

Each thematic topic is represented within the exhibitional space through panels, banners, meshes, textile canvases, together with original art works, memorabilia and visual culture elements.

From Political Propaganda to Baby Boom

25/03/16 to 25/07/16

From Political Propaganda to Baby Boom is the first exhibition in the Postmodernism Museum’s recently launched 5-year programme DARE, which aims to document, archive, revalue and exhibit art produced in Romania from 1945-1990. The exhibition, which was initially shown at the Postmodernism Museum’s, is now on display at the History Museum Brasov, Romania. Through this exhibition, the Postmodernism Museum presents a dynamic panorama, which serves to analyse the relationship of Romanian artists to different political ideologies and social climates of the historic periods such as the post-war and communist era of 1946-1989.

Combining drawings and illustrations, with films, books and other printed media, the exhibition explores the variety of media used to disseminate and distribute propagandistic messages. Turning to the works of Ary Murnu, Jules Perahim, Eugen Taru, Val Munteanu, Nell Cobar, demonstrates the remarkable influence the fractures of Romanian society and rapid demographic change had on artistic practices in this period. Curated by Cosmin Nasui, the exhibition includes more than 100 original works on paper alongside 100 illustrated vintage books and magazines from 5 private collections.

Research Project: Collecting Art in Romania

end of 2016

PostModernism Museum is currently working with a number of collectors and curators on extensive research into collecting art in Romania. At the end of 2016 the museum will publish two books titled 10 International Curators interested in Romanian Art and Romania Art Collectors. It is a first time that this type of research, focused on Romania, appears on the specialised market.


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